Here be Dragons

my actual miniature.  I use the Space Wolf Codex: Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf to play him.

my actual miniature. I use the Space Wolf Codex: Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf to play him.

Emperors Dragons Lore Part 2.

The Emperors Dragons are Legion. Numbering at full strength some 110,00 thousand. Ten Divisions of ten thousand. One Division of inducted recruits and initiates being brought up as replacements and reinforcements. All recruits come from the Emperors Dragons home world ##REDACTED – ORDER OF THE INQUISITION## to be trained and chosen for each division who has need.

Each Division has ten chapters of one thousand. Major Ranks from Grandmaster of the Division, Division First Lieutenant, with assorted officers and religious leaders, to chapter captains. Standing above them all is the Dragon Primarch, Zedekiel Enfuriay, master and commander of all, who personal leads the first division.

Tank companies, assault companies, elites, fast attack and all necessary equipment to take the war to the farthest reaches of the galaxy is at the disposal of the Emperor’s Dragons Legion. The liberated people under their watch on industrial worlds forging their weapons of war in an unending stream.

Each Division is self-sufficient with a selection of planets taken by conquest for the Imperium as a home base. A fully operable fleet of battleships, cruisers, transports and escorts is ready at their beck and call. Taking the fight to the enemy the Emperor’s Dragons Legion can make war on a scale unimaginable to mere chapters. A full Legion offensive spanning entire sectors of the galaxy. And whilst the might of a division is terrifying, if the dragons den is stirred, the full legion can be brought to bear against their enemies; sweeping all before them.

As each division campaigns and the years have passed, unique traits and sagas have formed around them. Ideas and tactics developed that can be unique to others in the legion. Primarch Zedekiel encourages this. It leads to innovation and the ability to adapt faster and overcome any enemy. As a force outside of the Imperiums assistance, Legion or not, they are isolated and have to rely entirely on their own strength to prevail. For example the 5th Division, lead by Razeal Stormfire, has a company of extremely unique and rare Knights of the Flame. Riding prehistoric Carnosaurs into battle these knights are an elite coveted and feared by their enemies. A force of warriors that can get into grips with the enemy with frightening speed and ferocity. Tactics of the division have over time adapted to this unique unit and they have in their number a lot of speeders and bikes that synchronise incredibly well together.

In the six thousand years of the Emperors Dragons existence, the full legion has only fought together on a single battle field or theatre three times. Two of which were hive fleets of the Tyranids and one was an unintentionally awakened Necron Dynasty of prodigious strength.

The superhuman abilities of the Spacemarines were pushed to the limit and losses were almost catastrophic, particularly in the 2nd Tyrranic war. However the almost godly power of the Primarch Zedekiel led them to victory against seemingly impossible odds. His mind and skill of war far above any mortal, working faster than imaginable to calculate and forge a path to overcome the enemy.

The Emperors Dragons could be stated to have an Empire within an Empire, similar to that of Ultramar. And whilst that would certainly rankle the feathers of High Lords on Holy Terra, no one who knows of the Emperors Dragons existence can deny the total success the legion has been for the Imperium. And for all the lessons of the past, and the incredible, terrifying might that Zedekiel wields he remains as loyal and incorruptible as the day he was born.

January 7, 2021