The Last Legion

It’s the 35th Millennium and the creation of the legion let alone the last primarch is a saga steeped in mystery. Zedekiel the Dragon Primarch, the last of his kind. Created by the hands of humanities
greatest minds over a span of five hundred years; all documentation and records of his creation have now been destroyed. Whatever the outcome, this experiment would never take place again.
Yet it was a success. Bearing his own unique gene seed to forge a new superhuman race of Astartes, Zedekiel fowas the gateway for the creation of a force not seen since the Horus heresy. Created as a bastion of defence to fight without the knowledge of the greater Imperium and to forge forward alone without support, the strength of the legion was to be one that would be able to sustain itself and hold the line against the Imperium’s deadliest enemies as the threats against it surmounted.
The duty and mission of the Emperors Dragons was to hold the line at all costs. To endure. Whilst exploration and expansion was always encouraged, at all times the line had to be held. Humanities greatest bastion, fighting unknown without reward, thanks or even acknowledgement from an ignorant Imperium to the legions existence. As such the purity of Zedekiels legion and the primarch himself had to be absolute.

After a century of rigorous training and relentless testing by the grey knights, Zedekiel was deemed worthy. His gene seed taken and the last legion of the Emperor was forged. At the close of the 36th millennium, Zedekiel would stride out onto the field on his home world, to the adulation of one hundred thousand strong and take the fight to the enemies of humanity.

April 2, 2022