Valanar Dreadmire

John stone valanar dreadmire web

Final artwork!

John stone valanar 1

First concept. With plate armour he was quite different

John stone valanar 2

As the concept progressed I wanted to show this concept as you can see, the face and armour were completely altered.

John stone valanar 3

Face starting to be repainted, and a total over-hall was done to the costume.

John stone valanar 4

Concept approved and details taking shape, pushing in silhouettes of the background idea too.

John stone valanar 5

Piece coming together

John stone valanar 6

Final designs and rendering taking place.

Been a long time but, finally have some more Crystals of Fate to show off!

New main character for the game, a vampire necromancer. Total badass as brutal as he is seductive...

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August 20, 2017