The Emperors Lions

The Emperor's lions, painted for @first_captain_arctik it was a MASSIVE project to work on. Thanks for the privilege mate, I'm stoked with how it turned out.


Chief Librarian Kondo commanding an outnumbered detachment of Emperor’s Lions, against a Khornate Rebellion on the world Constantinium. Kondo is accompanied by his lion helmed Librarium Guard and the golden clad chapter Sergeant Zola, the right hand to Capptain General Leonidus.
In the 41st Millenium, the Emperor’s Lions chapter departed the Sol System with Fleet Tertius, the first of the many Indomitus Crusade battle fleets. The fleet’s destination, the Segmentum Tempestus to meet a sizeable Khornate crusade.

However, upon passing through the Segmentum Pacificus, the chapter was reassigned to crush a Chaos Rebellion on the world of Constantinium. The conflict became known as the “Constantinus Iconoclasm”. The Rebellion had already lasted 13 years, due to the Emperor’s Lions intervention it was brought to a swift end.
However, small pockets of resistance survived in the volcanic plateaus, still loyal to the Rebel Leader “Constantinus”. Lord Commander Guilliman decreed that the Emperor’s Lions Chapter be permanently based on the planet.
It put an end to any future rebellions as well as grant the chapter a homeworld to raise recruits. Upon taking over of the planet, the Emperor’s Lions renamed Constantinium, Nova Terra.

June 9, 2022