Dragon and the Dynasty - Part 3

OG draft. decided to broaden the width to increase the impact of it in the final.

OG draft. decided to broaden the width to increase the impact of it in the final.

Dragons Unleashed

When Zedekiel and his legion’s fleet arrived in orbit a month after the second division had, the division's fleet was all but destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost and the Emperor knows how many of his sons were left alive on the surface. The Necron forces attacked immediately, showing a tactical acumen they had learned from their space marine foes. However now they were fighting the legion in all it’s might; led by the Primarch himself. Zedekiel commanded his fleet with the fiery brilliance of an Emperors Dragon. The legion’s gift was always adaptation to overcome any enemy. It was why they were made. Fighting toe to toe Zedekiel pummelled the enemy fleet to dust and with the skies finally clear, brought his troop ships down to take the fight to the Necrons.

Thousands upon thousands of drop pods came screaming down upon the planet, supported by squadrons of Thunderhawk and Stormtalon gunships they made their presence felt immediately. Attacking precision targets, the legion spearheaded elements with guard regiments in support. The sheer number of imperial units matched whatever the Necrons threw at them and with the astartes at the tip of the spear, they smashed through the defences.

Arriving with his forces, Zedekiel was quick to discover that the second division had survived. Led by Achilles, they had sheltered themselves in a deep canyon and held on against all odds. Having lost thousands of it’s number, it was seriously depleted, but it had survived. Zedekiel took them under his wing alongside Achilles. Having heard accounts from the single librarian remaining, Achilles had forged a legendary saga for himself and Zedekiel was not one to waste talent.

The battle wore on and the C’tan deep below within the catacombs of the Necron city was pushing the Dragon Primarch to his limits. Casualties were incredibly high and there was no feasible way that the campaign could be allowed to draw out much longer.

Zedekiel gathered his best remaining troops to form a spearhead. It was to punch into the heart of the Tomb City and crush the Necron command. Achilles volunteered himself immediately for the attack and so did the vengeful remnants of the second division.

Directing the fleet to pour a bombardment that would have incinerated any civilised city into oblivion, the strange and self-repairing metals of the Necrons were merely slowed down as the Primarch force moved forward. The attack was relentless and those who could not go on were left behind by necessity. If the C’tan was not stopped, all would have been for nothing.

Finally, after hours of fighting, Zedekiel forged his way downwards. As a Primarch he had a certain psyker awareness and following the pull in his mind, he found his way to the vault of the C’tan.

They blasted their way into the vault with melta bombs only to come under withering fire as the Necron guard opened up. Thousands of elite warriors were inside and Zedekiel wasted no time in ordering his heavy weapons teams to fire into the vault. Under the support of heavy guns the Space Marines forced their way in, Zedekiel fighting at the helm. His massive form was a source of strength for his sons... and an easy target for the Necrons. His master-crafted armour barely held but with Achilles at his side, they burst into the chamber and were swiftly backed up by the surviving Astartes. There it sat, green unholy light pulsing from its inanimate frame was the C’tan. Even with the immediate threat at the gates, the xenos god did not move. Elite Necron guards stood in front, dying by their hundreds as they defended their puppet master.

Zedekiel would suffer the creature no longer and stormed forward, cutting anything that stood before him with the burning rage of the Dragons. Thousands of his sons were dead, hundreds of thousands of guardsmen had been killed. No more. With his newly favoured son Achilles by his side, he moved upon the C’tan and, raising the Sword of Eon’s one last time, he smote the C’tan from head to waist. The effect on the Necrons was immediate. Cohesive leadership crumbled and the lesser warriors just stood where they were to fall to the guns of the vengeful Imperial forces.

After the campaign, Achilles was given full command and honours of the second division. Seeing his brilliance firsthand the Primarch named him his champion, the first time he had ever done so. The Necron Dynasty had mauled the Dragons… But they had endured. It would not be long before were called again to fight once more…

March 11, 2021