Questing Dragon Knight

An Emperors Dragon questing knight. A rare breed, they explore the far depths of the universe searching to fulfill urges to explore and forge a saga that will be remembered through the ages.

Not able to fit in with their brothers in the daily regimes of legion life, a call to strive beyond compells them to explore beyond the strict confines within the brotherhood. Swearing oaths of purity to the Primarch himself, they will quest to the furthest reaches of space in search of glory and to quell chaos wherever it is found.

Should they somehow survive their many quests and thirst for exploration, they will returned to the fold of their legion to be embraced as a hero. To prove they have completed the saga's they've claimed, and to ensure they are pure, they will be sent to the librarians to have their minds scoured. Resistance means death.

The trials passed, they will be gifted master crafted artificer armour and weapons of choice. Sated finally, they will rejoin the ranks and regimented life that is part of being a battle brother.

Such rare marines are covetted for their knowleadge and combat experience. Upon their return and reintegration into the legion, they are often elected as advisors and champions to division grandmasters and leaders of the legion.

July 20, 2022