A New War

"Beltharion had encountered a foe unlike any he had ever seen. His power and strength is battle was something to behold. Whispers of his coming had been echoing in the warp for months, disturbing the natural order. Zophorian.

The battles being waged across the sector had drawn upon the recourses of his entire division of ten thousand Space Marines, including that of the guard regiments under his command. The inivitability of facing this new foe in combat was drawing near. Beltharion steeled himself for the conflict to come. He didn't feel fear. Never fear.

Zophorian had smashed a bloody path deep into Beltharion's lines. The incursion must be stopped. On finding that Zophorian had paused his momentarily in a conqured fortress to regroup and rearm, Beltharion knew this was the moment. Going on the offensive, and attacking to fort, Beltharion played to his strengths.

The two titans would clash at last... "

Painted for @andrew.console it was a real honour to have the Emperor's Dragons be part of his lore. Thank you for the privilege.

August 9, 2023