Dragon Kin

The meeting of the lost and forbbiden. Painted for FELTHEA on DeviantArt

Primarch Alric of the 11th legion meets Zedekiel, Primarch of the 21st Legion, the Emperors Dragons.

An oath sworn upon his ascendancy to master of his legion, Zedekiel has kept the Emperors Dragons a closely guarded secret from the Imperium. Fighting on the extreme fringes of the known galaxy, Alric and Zedekiel are the bulwark that keeps the Imperium alive. Without the knowledge from the vast majority of mankind, the Primarchs lead their legions against the worst threats that the Imperium has to face.

The knowledge that not just one but two primarchs still lead legions in the Emperors name would cause massive waves in the seats of power within the dark halls of Terra and as such they have kept themselves and their sons away from such attention.

But thousands of years has chipped away at the Imperiums strength. The paranoia of technological advancement, the fear of corruption and superstition is rife both externally and within the deepest circles. The latest Black Crusade lead by Abbadon has torn deeply into the Imperium and even as the primarchs of old start to rise once again the answer the threat, the ferocity of the enemies advance has barely been slowed.

The two greatest forces in the Imperium's arsenal cannot stand idly by. With some two hundred thousand space marines between them they could tip the greatest war the Imperium has ever seen in their favour.

Through channels of contact long kept silent, The two brother met for the first time in their long lives. Is it time to finally step into the light? Can the Imperium hold the line with the forces already at their disposal, or will the two primarchs march forward, and take the war into their own hands wielding the terrifying. The Dragon Primarchs find kinship in each other as they decide what will be done. The fate of the Imperium could be in their mighty hands...
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May 19, 2023