High Priest Argehmon

quick doodles to warm up

quick doodles to warm up

my main idea

my main idea

Emperor’s Dragons. Last legion of the Emperor. Lore Part 1.

Who are the Emperor’s Dragons. How did they come to be? The Dragons are legion. Last of an organisational structure long thought extinct by the rule of Roboute Guilliman that no such power would ever come into existence again.

Times Change.

4000 years after Guilliman’s Internment into stasis to be immortalised forever, the highest echelons of the Inquisition, lords of Terra and the Grey Knights decided that with humanity in such peril, they needed a power strong enough to stand against the oncoming darkness. A light in the dark, a ray hope and shining beacon that would take the fight to the enemies of the Imperium and be free from corruption. A power that could stand on its own and be strong even as the walls closed in on humanity.

And so project: DRACONIS IMPERIALIS was born with extreme secrecy. A lab created on the extreme fringes of the --- ##REDACTED – ORDER OF THE INQUISITION## --- was created and the trials begun. To have a legion, you needed a primarch. Using the ancient sciences created by the Emperor Himself, they were able to forge the perfect seed to be crafted into the perfect specimen. But that was nothing without a host for it to grow. Needless to say after 514 years of searching, trials and millions of souls, the perfect instrument of warfare, purity, vigour and strength was created. A primarch, outside of the Emperor’s own hands was born. A story unto itself to be told, the journey of the new Primarch is a legend that would go unwritten, unknown and unseen for thousands of years… Until now.

Seed was taken, children were inducted and within the new Fortress Den on the Death World --- ##REDACTED – ORDER OF THE INQUISITION## --- that was so uninhabitable, all denizens live in monstrous underground sealed caverns below the planets surface. Pushed through a regime so extreme, it rivalled that of the Grey Knights, the first warriors of the last legion were forged.

Far from the Emperors light, unknown and utterly secret, without glory or songs to carry their deeds, the Emperors Dragons fought a war unknown to the untold trillions that made up humanity. Hive fleets, Ork Invasions, Entire Necron Dynasties were destroyed by the power of the legion, not to mentions legions of chaos daemons and heretics alike. Humanity remained totally oblivious that they had been saved time and time again.

Purity, Courage, Honour, Endurance. To be an Emperor’s Dragon was to not only be humanities finest. It was to be a step above. To be utterly incorruptible, to have a Primarch of such purity that stood as if the Emperor himself was standing over him, shoulder on hand guiding the way.

And so it has been for over 6000 years that the Emperor’s Dragons have fought a war in secret, without thanks or acknowledgement. But with the knowledge, pride and furious will; they continue to fight, knowing that if they fall… humanity itself could follow.

December 26, 2020