Fast Attack

Sometimes you gotta reference your ideas to get it right :)

Sometimes you gotta reference your ideas to get it right :)

Ancient Sands.

In the 38th millennium the Emperors Dragons expanded their reach to claim more outposts and colonies in the Emperors name. The 7th Division, lead by Furion Quicksilver and his ten thousand marines begun their crusade under the watchful eye of Primarch Zedekiel.

The 7th division was not just made up of astartes; this crusade was a test for revolutionary technologies brought to them by the ancient Archmagos, Belisarius Crawl. These technologies were the first of what would become known as Primaris Space Marines. Under millennia old orders by Roboute Guilliman, the Archmagos conducted extensive tests and trials to prepare the marines for mass production.
With the permission of the Dragon Primarch, four hundred astartes became test subjects for the first transformation into Primaris marines. These Primaris were armed and armoured with the latest weapons Mars could forge and with this enhanced force, the 7th division would take its might into the inky black of undiscovered space.

Being tested in the crucible of battle would not be delayed as the first habitable planet discovered was overrun by Orks. Without hesitation, all companies of Primaris were deployed and various new tactics were tested to crush the Orks infesting the planet.

The Orks were put down quickly and efficiently by the might of the division. As the campaign looked to come to a swift close, reports started bleeding through to command of Astartes falling to ambushes. Strange signals and interference came across the comms and it was realised a new, vastly superior foe had come to challenge them.

Deploying the rest of his land forces to free up the fleet, Furion ordered the ground force form a defensive posture as he ordered ships to orbit the planets night side and see where and what this mysterious enemy was.

The scout ships came under immediate attack as they moved into the darkness of the night side. It was clear this new foe was easily a match for the Emperors finest. A titanic xenos capital ship, eons old with a silhouette impossible to mistake appeared before the Emperors Dragons fleet, supported by dozens of smaller ships.

An Aeldari Craftworld, holding orbit above the planet.

Launching a counterattack against the Dragons, the ancient Eldar took the fight to the division on the surface and in space. The fighting was brutal as the immense fleet of the Emperors Dragons matched themselves against the might of the ancient Eldar craft.

Lacking in numbers but not in skill, the Eldar relied on agility and range to batter humanities finest. The legendary adaptive skills of the Emperor’s Dragons were put to the test, adjusting to engage their foes as the battle raged on.

On the surface it was quickly established why the Orks had been so quickly eradicated; They had been caught in an unintended pincer fighting the Eldar on one front and the Dragons on the other. Though hopelessly outmatched, Orks charging into Dragon or Eldar guns with equal joy, content to fight someone other than themselves.

As the Dragons clashed with the forces of the craftworld, the lines of battle shifted as moves were made and countered on both sides. The Eldar seemed determined to hold their ground, stubbornly preventing the Dragons from holding the initiative.

Seeking to gain dominance, Furion deployed the new Primaris again. Currently only possessing two forms, the Intercessors and the Reivers, attacks were launched supported by Stormraven gunships. The Primaris quickly established themselves as a true step up from their Astartes brothers and shocked the Eldar with their resilience and firepower.

The war raged for two months with losses on both sides were growing. The Eldar refused to relinquish their ground, yet neither did they attempt to expand it. The war reaching new heights of violence, the Emperors Dragons gained the upper hand as the new Primaris marines acted like a fire brigade: deploying at critical points in the battle line and tipping the odds in favour of humanity. But just as it seemed the war was turning in the Emperors Dragons favour, news from orbit would reach Furion that a Tyranid hive fleet had been sighted closing in on the core system towards the Legions home world. With excruciating, bitter discipline, the legion was ordered to fall back. Furion swore one day he would return and finish what he started.

The Archmagos did not share the bitter taste with Furion, however. The Primaris had proven themselves and would be praised as a great success even with the campaign abandoned.

The Eldar did not pursue the retreating Imperial forces, content to hold onto whatever it was that they were defending under the ancient sands of the planet….

June 27, 2021