Zedekiel, the Dragon Primarch

Zedekiel, the Dragon Primarch

The Dragon Primach is the greatest triumph of humanity since the original Primarchs and Space Marine legions. Created in secret in the 34th Millennium, The Imperium was being tested like never before and the walls were closing in. Something had to be done. In the dark circles in the highest echelons of humanity, a scheme was born upon desperation. A scheme that would take five hundred years and cost two million aspirants would result in either perfection or total catastrophe.

On a death world at the extreme fringes of the galaxy, wiped from all data drives, a facility was created to forge the final Primarch. Built on the home world of the aspirant that successfully passed the brutal trials placed upon him, the real work began. The greatest minds in the Imperium of Man laboured to create the impossible. Engineers, Mechanicus and scientists of all descriptions and origins worked together under the ever-present gaze of the inquisition. A company of Grey Knights was stationed to protect the facility, their devotion as unending as the works within.

A male child would go through transformations beyond the comprehension of any human in history. The sciences behind this were both archaic and revolutionary. Known methods and new were intertwined in ways increasingly at odds with the Inquisition who looked down on any sudden change. For 15 years the boy would grow into something far beyond any mortal that before him. That child was Zedekiel. The Final Primarch.

Throughout this time he would become the ultimate warrior and leader. Like his brothers before him, his mind was as sharp as his lost kin, his prowess in battle would surely impress that of even Guilliman. Yet this paled in comparison to his honour. Even the most cynical of the Inquisition were bowed by his devotion to humanity and the eternal Emperor that guides it. By twenty he surpassed everything that could be taught by his teachers. Recognising there was no more they could do for him, they set about his final test.
On the surface, Zedekiel was calm and level-headed. Internally, however, he held a burning, undying fighting fury. Under the extreme rigours of the Grey Knights, he would learn to use it to sharpen his senses and focus his mind. Zedekiel channelled his rage into his enemies, using it as a weapon. Thus he earned the name The Emperors Dragon.

He revelled in pre-emptive warfare, his clairvoyance once again worrying those closest to the Emperor’s light. But the Grey Knight training was true and he honed this skill in ways that would forge him into one of the Imperium greatest assets. Yet his greatest strength was his humanity. It was clear to all those who saw Zedekiel when he first met his people that there was a connection there. A bond of protection, strength and unity second only to the Emperor himself.

Setting him loose on his home world, he would find his way to his people that he was taken from. He integrated himself in their society with ease, his place within it clear from his first step on that ashen ground. Over the years he would echo Primarchs before him; uniting the people, advancing technology, way of life and bringing the Emperors light to the lost colony. Grey Knights watched from afar, gauging his actions, searching for corruption. Waiting for the moment they would make themselves known again.

After a decade, the Grandmaster of the Grey Knights descended. The people of the young Primach would stand in awe of the titanic marine in his armour as he entered the city Zedekiel had created as his home. “It is time” the Grandmaster said, and Zedekiel nodded. Having united his people and proven his ability to remain free of corruption outside the walls of the purified facility he was birthed in, the final steps were taken to create the last legion of the Emperor.

This legion would go on the fight for the Emperor in secret, unknown to the rest of the Imperium. Worlds under the Dragon’s control would fight directly under Astartes leadership. For over six thousand years now they have done so.

However, the Warp’s fury is ever increasing. A cataclysmic Black Crusade has been launched from the Eye and Zedekiel is hard pressed to keep his legion secret when the Daemons are howling at the door of Terra itself…

February 4, 2021