Dragon and the Dynasty - Part 1

The Dragon and the Dynasty – Part 1

Dark Awakening

It was the 39th millennium and the Emperor's Dragons were expanding their reach into the fringes of the Imperium. A crusade was launched with all ten divisions sent out to secure target worlds of interest.

One such planet would be the focus on the Second Division. Within this division was a young and brilliant captain by the name of Achilles. A talented leader and phenomenal swordsman, he was the pride of the division and noted to be the successor to the division Grand Master Netzach.

The planet they were tasked to investigate was a barren and mountainous world with little life or features of note. It was to be a strongpoint for the Legion to watch the stars and prepare for the inevitable invasions to come.

As the Second Fleet made its way into orbit, scouts dropped down to scour sites of interest to establish a base.
Upon arrival, the scouts discovered ancient ruins from a forgotten era. The architecture and various symbols upon them were unmistakable. Necrons.

Netzach immediately escalated his forces to war footing and deployed his armies to the planet. Under orders to make a slow advance, the division was to destroy every artifact and ruin they found before moving on.

At first the going was easy. The Dragons destroying sites with melta weapons and precision orbital strikes from the fleet. However, the density of the ruins increased dramatically as the division pressed on. Contacting the fleet, Netzach demanded an explanation as to why ruins at such scale had not been seen from orbit.

Netzach was only greeted by silence.

Techmarines advised that communication with the fleet was lost. Without the fleet to destroy the Necron city, progress was halted and the division prepared to fall back.

As he began issuing his orders, Netzach was suddenly consumed in green fire along with the rest of his retinue and all were incinerated where they stood, the Emperors Dragons looked on with impotent rage at the sudden death of their leader. Around the division, the sands erupted as hundreds of thousands of Necron warriors rose to reign down fire on the trapped astartes.

The superhuman warriors responded immediately, opening fire and tearing down the first ranks of the Necron advance. But for every one of them that fell, another took its place and some just stood up again where they fell, repairing themselves to re-join the fight. The Emperor’s Dragons were starting to fall and a fighting retreat began.

The Necrons, having been watching the Emperor’s Dragons since they had landed, launched their attack with devastating results and the Astartes, for all their superhuman capabilities, were being cut down by the overwhelming force. This wasn’t just a tomb world; this was a Necron Dynasty and it was waking.

Cut off and unable to call upon the fleet, the Emperors Dragons could only watch as Monoliths and Doom Scythes took to the air to take the fight to the fleet in orbit and duel the Thunderhawk and Stormtalons Gunships that were part of the divisions landing force. Achilles watching as his brothers burned around him took control of his shattered forces, quickly adapting to the state of the battle as only an Emperors Dragon could. But the battle he was fighting was a losing one. Cut off from the fleet, the second division of the Emperors Dragons, for all it’s might, was on the cusp of annihilation…

To be continued...

February 20, 2021