Emperors Dragons Captain

Captains of the Emperors Dragons are marines of particular talent that have risen through the ranks to take their place at the head of a company of one hundred marines: just like their distant brothers of the smaller chapters of the space marines. However, it is amongst these captains that a chapter master can be chosen. Furthermore, it is from the ten chapter masters of a division, a Divisions Grand Master is chosen. These positions within the Legion are not taken lightly and to lead their superhuman brothers into battle requires not just skill with sword and bolter but the ability to command naturally without allowing arrogance of power to overwhelm rational thinking. Captains of the legion are diverse and can be found in all sorts of capacities depending on the tactical accuman of the division and even just a particular style of warfare a chapter master prefers. As such weapons, armour and insignia vary wildly with battle trophies, honours and campaign markings. But no matter the marine, high or low; all Emperors Dragons serve the Emperor first and obey their all father, Zedekiel the Dragon Primarch without hesitation...

September 13, 2021