Another victory in an endless war

Another victory in an endless war.

Why create a legion when it’s power previously brought humanity to its knees? Why allow for a primarch to take power of so mighty a force and set about his will without dispute? Upon the end of the Horus Heresy it was the original wishes of the high lords of Terra that no single man, mortal or otherwise, would wield the power of a legion ever again…

4000 years would pass before the decision was made to begin the quest to create the impossible again. The survival of humanity was on a knifes edge and without the Emperor to lead them, without his sons to guide and safeguard the vast expanses of the Imperium’s domain, the walls were closing in.

Zedekiel, the Dragon Primarch. Last of his kind, wrought from the greatest humanity had to offer now stands as the barrier between the Imperium and enemies at its gates. On the extreme edges of its borders do they dwell. Secretly waging an eternal war against those who threaten all that is sacred. The legions duty and purpose is to endure. Not only the rigours of eternal combat and war, but most importantly of all, remain pure and untainted against the horrors they face.

To survive all the tests and hardships that come its way and stand triumphant, Zedekiel must lead his legion with unflinching resolve. The power of the dragons is their ability to adapt. To rapidly assess any situation they face and mould themselves into the deadliest fighting force ever seen. Failing to do so is death.

Not every battle and war fought by the Emperors Dragons is a victory. Not every decision made has lead success. In these defeats the Dragons absorb the lessons learned and apply them for the next war to be fought.

Ten divisions of ten thousand. Ten chapters of one thousand in each division. Ten companies of one hundred in each chapter. These are the fighting legions of the Emperors Dragons. Cycled endlessly through their domain they are in a constant state of crusade, replenishment and rearming. New ground is taken and the depleted ranks of a division will swiftly be reinforced by another so that they may fall back and refill the ranks of the fallen.

These are the Emperors Dragons. Last legion of the Emperor of Mankind. Fighting for victory in a war that will never end.

August 15, 2021